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Since it was recommended to me by a buddy, all my characters are currently being moved to one account; that account being here.

This is subject to change and is more than likely only temporary.

Any threads, ect. can be started or continued with this character on the aforementioned account— please don’t unfollow the account you’re currently seeing this post from, since I will eventually be returning to it!

Thank you. <3

All the love from Jasmine.

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Ivan gave his hand a little squeeze as he lead Micah off to his home. “Oh? I’m glad you like it. I think it’s a bit messy most of the time though, hehe.”

I don’t mind.  I like it anywhere where it’s warm and there’s running water,” he laughed.  Micah, as always, observed everything they passed on the way.

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replies tomorrow

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Animal Crackers:
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Ivan laughed and held his hand out for Micah’s. “Sure. Let’s go!”

Micah took his hand and laced their fingers with a grin.  

"I like your house, it’s cozy."

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leogaudet replied to your post: CONFESS!

“Hm? My lips?” he raised a brow,”I don’t think I’ve received a compliment about my lips before.”

"I tend to notice the little things…"

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What if one day you put your hands in your pants and your vagina bites your finger off

francieum what’s gotten into you 

did you drink too much wine at church

Let us all delete and forget about this post, God bless.

confess, for Xerxes ;3;

"I like the way you speak," he admitted.  He had a soft spot for Xerxes’ broken speech, but he also enjoyed the low voice he possessed.

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"You have gorgeous eyes!"

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